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Pidapipó Cioccolato: The Art of Single-Origin Chocolate. Available All Stores Now

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After months of experimenting and testing at Pidapipo Laboratorio in Fitzroy, our co-founder and chef Lisa Valmorbida and Maestro Cioccolatiere Arno Backes are excited to introduce Pidapipo Cioccolato, our brand-new chocolate range, including a special, limited-edition range of chocolate eggs just in time for Easter.

Ethically sourced and thoughtfully produced, our first-ever range consists of five chocolate bars, five varieties of coated panning products and the chocolate eggs in milk, dark and white chocolate made from single-origin Dominican Republic cacao.

Just as with our acclaimed gelato, Pidapipo Cioccolato range is made in small batches, from scratch, using both sustainable methods and best-quality seasonal ingredients.

The organic cacao we use, for example, is grown and fermented on a 1,000-acre bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic where 70% of the property remains untouched, with the remaining 30% allocated for growing the cacao that finances sanctuary operations.

The hazelnuts we use to make our pralines, ganache, and caramels from scratch are sourced from Piemonte, the best region in the world for hazelnuts.

Our first Easter range includes two single-origin chocolate eggs in 120g and 500g sizes, available in dark and milk chocolate, plus small bags of mini eggs. There are also mini filled eggs in combinations like milk chocolate filled with hazelnut gianduia, dark chocolate filled with salted caramel and white chocolate filled with almond praline and caramelised coconut. We’re selling these in Pidapipo-branded tins containing either nine or twenty-four assorted flavours.

“Our flavours and combinations are relatively simple because we work with exceptional ingredients and want them to stand out,” says Lisa. “The intention behind our core range was to create a product that is familiar, comforting and pure. We have endless possibilities, but wanted to start by showcasing our amazing product in simple, classic form,” says Lisa.

In addition to chocolate bars, our range includes chocolate-coated panning products in combinations created to satisfy the most discerning of palates: almond and hazelnut covered in dark or milk chocolate, macadamia covered in white chocolate and our spectacular Rocherini — whole Piedmont hazelnuts coated in milk chocolate, hazelnut praline, and feuilletine.

Pidapipo Cioccolato is available to purchase exclusively at all Pidapipo stores.

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