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Death By Chocolate

Collaboration, Flavours

We partnered with local artisans Hunted+Gathered to create a limited edition flavour range ‘Death By Chocolate’.

Bringing the focus back to the cacao bean and handcrafted quality, Lisa developed gelato flavours using Hunted+Gathered’s chocolate range as the base.  The organic cacao beans are sourced from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic and have been thoughtfully imported, roasted and refined by Charlie and Harry Nissen in their boutique Cremorne factory before forming the base and inspiration for the unique gelato flavours.

Death by Chocolate gelato flavours included Dark Chocolate Fondant with Candied Orange (sorbetto) and Double Roasted Chocolate with Smoked Salt Chocolate Ganache.

To celebrate the release of Death By Chocolate, we commissioned Studio U-P to create unique artwork for each flavour that is inspired by Ancient Rome.