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Lovers Profiteroles and Chocolate this Valentine’s Day at the Lab

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re launching a collection of limited-edition chocolates and Pidapipo Lovers Profiteroles exclusively at Pidapipo Laboratorio for a limited time.

Conceptualised by co-founder and chef Lisa Valmorbida and expertly handcrafted by Pidapipo’s in-house chocolatier Arno Backes, the chocolate collection features 11 flavours inspired by love in all its myriad forms available to mix and match.

At the top of the Pidapipo pyramid of Valentine’s Day chocolate delights is the Amarena Heart, a sumptuous dark chocolate love-heart-shaped case filled with Amarena Cherrie and white chocolate ganache infused with kirsch liquor and encased in red foil.

For purveyors of all things sultry and sophisticated, fill your Pidapipo branded box with Espresso; a dark chocolate case filled with dark chocolate ganache and espresso, Mint; a dark chocolate case filled with dark chocolate ganache spiked with mint and embellished with 24k gold leaf, and Raspberry; a dark chocolate case filled with raspberry ganache made from raspberry puree and Jacobert raspberry liqueur of France.

Lovers who lean towards all things sweet and opulent will love Honey; a milk chocolate case filled with honey ganache; Coconut; a white chocolate case filled with almond praline and caramelised desiccated coconut; and Cappuccino; a milk chocolate case filled with milk chocolate ganache, hazelnut praline and kalua.

For the chocolate connoisseur, you can’t look past Pidapipo’s signature chocolates, showcasing the brand’s artisanal, organic, single-origin blends in their purest form. Fill your allocation with Pallete Feulletine; a hazelnut praline with Palette Feulletine in a milk chocolate case, Gianduja; a dark chocolate case filled with hazelnut gianduja, Salted Caramel; a dark chocolate case filled with dark chocolate ganache and salted caramel, and Milk Chocolate Caramel; a milk chocolate case filled with milk chocolate ganache and caramel.

The first offering from what will soon be an ever-changing collection of pasticceria products available exclusively at Pidapipo Laboratorio is the ‘Lovers Profiteroles’, handcrafted by Pidapipo pastry chefs; Nicola Totaro and Gemma Calleja, designed to enjoy alone as the ultimate proclamation of self-love, or share with your significant other or loved ones. The perfect accompaniment to Pidapipo’s gelato, the ‘Lovers Profiteroles’ take the form of an Italian choux pastry ball, topped with vanilla bean gelato, and drizzled with a hot serving of the brand’s signature chocolate sauce.

Adding to the immersive retail experience, for the duration of our month of love, the Laboratorio’s defining light installation will be set to a vibrant red, soaking the interiors and reflecting out onto the street in an aesthetic affirmation of all things love.

Pidapipo Laboratorio’s month of love kicks off on Monday, 6 February, and runs to Monday, 6 March. Making gifting even easier, on Valentine’s Day (14 February), from 5 pm-7 pm, every ‘Pidapipo Lovers Profiteroles’ purchase will come with two complimentary chocolates.