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Tom Sarafian x Pidapipo Collaboration

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We are joining forces with our favourite Middle Eastern Tom Sarafian to celebrate our shared love of Lebanese produce, flavours and of course, gelato, with a special flavour that will be available across all Pidapipo stores from Saturday 14th October: Ashta Gelato coated in sliced Iranian Pistachios.

The collaboration flavour consists of Ashta – a rich and decadent thick clotted cream that’s very well-known and loved in Lebanese cuisine. Commonly found in ice cream parlours and gelaterias across Lebanon, the dessert is served in large portions before being covered in sliced pistachios. Wanting to replicate Tom’s experience of the gelato from a recent trip to Beirut, the Ashta used for the collaboration is sourced from Afiouni, one of the very last traditional makers left in Melbourne.

To kick off this collaboration, we will also host A Taste of Beirut at our Fitzroy Laboratorio on Saturday 14th October. A one-day-only event where Tom and Lisa will be slinging special items from 12pm until sold-out. Here’s what you can expect:

Shish Tawook – charcoal chicken from Donati’s Fine Meat wrapped in housemade Saj, filled with chips, Tom’s toum and pickled cucumbers.

Tom’s own kunafe recipe topped with Dreaming Goat Dairy’s goats curd gelato and sliced Iranian pistachios.

Housemade Lebanese lemonade made with organic lemons.

Tom is of course well known for his use of Lebanese and Middle-Eastern ingredients, but what you might not know is that Lisa is actually half Lebanese and grew up with similar flavours at home.

“Incorporating Lebanese ingredients and recipes into our offering at Pidapipo is something I’ve always wanted to explore, so it was very fun working with Tom and coming up with all of the ideas at the Lab,” said Lisa.

“Working with friends in the industry is something I love to do, so I’m excited to be collaborating with Lisa on something we both are passionate about. Ashta in particular is such a unique ingredient that takes time and care to prepare, and is the filling of many Lebanese sweets. I’m really excited to show its awesomeness in a gelato, which I tried in Beirut last summer.

“The Ashta gelato is incredible and so unique, but I’d say I’m most excited for the kunafe with goat’s curd gelato. We both have a big passion for kunafe and it’s so exciting we’ll be offering it for a short time at the Lab! It’s the best Middle-Eastern dessert,” added Lisa.