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Mother’s Day with Paola Bacchia (Italy On My Mind)

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  • Paola Bacchia

  • Paola's parents, courtesy of Paola Bacchia

  • Paola Bacchia

  • Paola Bacchia

We’re thinking about our nonnas for Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s the brightly patterned plates, the special cutlery or the coloured glassware. We remember the timber walls, the landscape paintings and Da Vinci prints in the living room. How could we forget the lace curtains and floral, fabric sofas with cushions to match? With this on our mind we asked Paola Bacchia (from Italy On My Mind) to help us create a gelato that represents all these memories, all the fun and all the big-heartedness of our nonnas.

Family picture, courtesy of Paola Bacchia.

Nonna’s Apple Strudel Gelato for Mother’s Day is layers of ricotta, apple & sultana gelato, puff pastry and pine nut, praline caramel. It’s everything it sounds like and more.

“Mum was a big strudel maker,” says Paola, “she would always make the pastry by hand, stretching it and kneading it to the point where you can tell it’s ready because you can see through it. The sultanas would be soaked and the apple grated, it was always perfectly balanced.”

Nonna Livia, peeling apples for her famous strudel, courtesy of Paola Bacchia.

In Paola Bacchia’s most recent cookbook,
At Nonna’s Table, we are treated to the warm embrace of family, connection and togetherness. There’s the seemingly endless supply of stories her mother would tell again and again; the kind that gets repeated – their twists and turns well-trodden – but with a spirit too strong, too full of goodness, to let their endings ever be spoilt.

Maybe they’re romanticised ideas of home, but evocative tales of just-caught fish, of fresh fruit and vegetables and open meadows that only wanted for picnic blankets and a sunny day, teases a perfect Italian life. It’s enough to book a flight to Veneto, take the next train to Monfalcone and dip your toes in the Adriatic.

Family picnic, with Paola’s mamma, nonna and sister in the centre, courtesy of Paola Bacchia.

Lisa remembers the time her grandmother, along with Paola and her mother came to Pidapipo for a photoshoot. What followed was truly unexpected. Immediately, the two ladies recognised each other, and, in that instant, it was as if no time had passed at all. They talked and talked, of Italy and their memories of home, their smiles saying so much, their tears even more. They ate gelato like kids and connected in ways that filled all our hearts.

Group picture from our past Nonnas Campaign.

There’s something particularly special about this gelato and the way it makes us all feel young again. With its layers and flavours, bursts of apple and sultana sweetness, the ricotta richness with perfect caramel finished with textural puff pastry this is Paola’s memory of her mother’s strudel, by way of Pidapipo. It’s a Mother’s Day gift to everyone, but it’s an ode to the beautiful generosity of all our nonnas. 

Nonna Livia with her grandchildren, courtesy of Paola Bacchia.

“Mama would always make two strudels, because one would always disappear, and that way there’d always be some for dessert and guests.”

We’ve made sure there’s plenty of Nonna’s Apple Strudel Gelato for Mother’s Day, and just like nonna we won’t judge if you come back for more.

Buona festa della mamma a tutti!

Paola and her mamma Livia, courtesy of Paola Bacchia.

Nonna’s Apple Strudel Gelato $32
Gelato Tub and Paola Bacchia’s At Nonna’s Table available as a combo $69 (instead of $77)